Friday, 5 April 2013

Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed II Assassin Creed 2 (pc/eng/2009) full game PLOT Assassin's Creed II takes place in an open world with nonlinear gameplay, allowing the player to roam freely within several regions throughout late fifteenth-century Italy such as Venice, Florence, Forlì, San Gimignano, and the Tuscan countryside. The Animus 2.0, a new version of the machine of the same name present in Assassin's Creed, provides in-game context for changes and additions to several game elements. A database is also available, providing extra historical information about key landmarks, characters and services that the player encounters. The health system has been made more dynamic, with synchronization to the Animus and causing the character to recover only from minor injuries.More grievous injuries require visiting a street-side doctor or use of medicine (which can be purchased from doctors or found on bodies). The player may now swim in water, and Eagle Vision—the ability to identify specific people and landmarks—can now be used in third-person view and while moving.A young Leonardo da Vinci is present in the game, aiding the player by creating new weapons from translated "Codex pages" that Altaïr, the original game's main character, left behind for future Assassins' analysis and insight.Within the game, the player will be able to use Leonardo's flying machine (based on real-life plans by Leonardo) during one mission. The player also has the ability to control a carriage in one level, and can row gondolas, as well as ride horses at any point in the game where they are readily available between towns and cities.The setting of the various places the player may go to have been made more detailed and in-depth; civilians can carry objects and sometimes cough or sneeze. Additionally, the player can hire different groups of NPCs, such as mercenaries, courtesans, or thieves; these groups can be used to fight, distract, or lure guards, respectively. A day and night cycle has been added to the game, giving the game more of a sense of time, in addition to setting missions and events at certain times of the day. There are many ways to interact with NPCs. Money thrown to the ground, or a corpse carried and then deposited on the ground, may also serve as a distraction for both guards and peasants. There are also several different types of enemies, some more agile or stronger than others, and some of which will actively search hiding places where Ezio was last seen... System Requirements: Minimum System Requirements: OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO @ 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 64 @ 2.4 GHz Memory: 1.5 Gb Hard Drive: 8 Gb free Video Memory: 256 Mb Video Card: Shader Model 3.0 Required Sound Card: DirectX Compatible DirectX: 9.0c Keyboard Mouse DVD Rom Drive Recommended System Requirements: OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO E6700 @ 2.6 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Memory: 2 Gb Hard Drive: 8 Gb free Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4700 Sound Card: DirectX Compatible DirectX: 10 Keyboard Mouse DVD Rom Drive Notes: Supported Video Cards at Time of Release: ATI® RADEON® X1950, HD 2000/3000/4000/5000 series NVIDIA GeForce® 7/8/9/100/200 series HugeFiles Links: Code: DepositFiles: Code: If You face any Problem During Installation, You Can post here.. i'll try my Best to solve your Problem...

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