Tuesday, 17 April 2012

GTA: Elite Collection (2012/Repack) *AF*

added a couple of new missions [Mayak and near club Navigator]
You can buy a new building [airport, a lighthouse, and so on.]
added garage booking cars [looking in the Mexican quarter]
added new locations [Skate Park, a park of OGGY, "Gemini"]
localize the texture [road signs, posters, etc..]
added the ability to slow down time [both on foot and in car]
You can create bodyguards
Now in one click you can spread all around
added to the generator of transport
replaced with models of all transportation
new management for all transportation
in transportation, you can use nitro acceleration
Now the plane Air Force Skimmer fused bombs and warheads
altered characteristics of weapons
altered characteristics of close combat
replaced with models of all weapons
replaced all the radio stations
new textures / models of pedestrians, gangs and so on.
replaced by the texture of the road and sidewalk
lots of new textures, and more ...                                                                                        Downloads: http://filerio.com/bo5tnv2w0fp3  

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